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Check out some 2021 Highlights already shared
Monique Caraballo
Jul 31, 2021
Launched a Project

When I was originally given the opportunity to lead this project, we were planning to launch in October 2020. The, as it was named then, Environmental Leaders of Color project centered heavily around youth participation, empowering them each to discover, explore, and showcase historically overlooked environmentalists... Read more

Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Ithaca Children's Garden
🌲 João Salgueiro
May 30, 2021
Built an app
Designed website

Just released my new and shiny ✨ super tiny personal website with links to my social networks and a lil description about myself. I seriously loooved building the watercolor-like background, I think it looks really neat and I'll surely use the same idea in future projects. If you want to check out the source code, give a look at the... Read more

Nick Lewis
Nov 11, 2021
Launched a Side Project
Launched, a showcase of the best low-carbon, sustainable websites.

The website was created as part of my personal development at Leap, spurred on from a personal discovery that there are no awards specifically for sustainable websites.

Senior Sustainable Web Developer, Leap
Olivia Shalhoup
Dec 02, 2021
Conducted Campaign Analysis

Amethyst has had strong influencer and creator partnerships for a while, but recently we strengthened our bond with creators through a never-been-done-before activation. We hosted a focus group with TikTok Creators, ranging from 30k followers to 3M, and got their feedback on one of our clients current tiktok campaigns.
We gained a lot of knowledge on the creative leanings of tiktok, and even tweaked our strategy to incorporate the feedback w... Read more

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